SunStop Performance Tint Film Limo Black 6% set for Cars 76x150cm + 50x150cm Bekijk groter
SunStop Performance Tint Film Limo Black 6% set for Cars 76x150cm + 50x150cm

For Cargo Vans - XXL-set SunStop Performance Tint Film Smoke 35% 76x750cm


Nieuw product

  • 6 year warranty on the colouration
  • very good shrinkability to adjust the film to curved windows with a heat gun or hair dryer
  • Light Transmission: 35%
  • scratch resistant

Meer details

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Meer informatie

  • 1 roll of window tint film 76 x 150 cm (30 inch x 60 inch) for the rear window and 2 rolls of window tint film 76 x 300 cm (30 inch x 120 inch) each for up to 4 extra wide side windows of vans or utility vehicles/minibusses (depending on the model of the vehicle). Suitable especially for VW T4, Mercedes VITO, camping busses, utility vehicles.
  • very well shrinkable (shrinking up to 8%) best film for convex windows!!!
  • scratch resistant, shrinkable
  • German ABG document included, also legal in the UK and other European countries
  • Visible Light Transmission: 32%
  • UV transmission: <1%
  • Total Reflection of Heat: 34%
  • Fitting instructions window tint films
  • Fitting knife and scraper included

This set is suitable, e.g., for these vehicles:

  • VW Bus Caravelle T4
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Chrysler Grand Voyager, Trans Sport
  • Utility vehicles, minibusses, camping busses

For other vehicles, we offer this item in additional package sizes. If in doubt, please check the size of your windows and compare with the package size before ordering